A downloadable game for Windows

Rise Shine Fall, created for Ludum Dare 39 and approved by IBORG, is a game where you can learn secret shamanic techniques and experience what it means to be truly connected to nature. You will feel powerful… or powerless? Maybe sometimes it is better just to let it go.


  • WASD – move
  • spacebar – have fun
  • 0 – windowed mode


  • rkktkk – concept, audio design
  • supr – graphics, programming

Audio: djgriffin, FunWithSound, frankum, YleArkisto.


Rise Shine Fall (Win64) 97 MB
Rise Shine Fall (Win32) 76 MB


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What made this game so special is its extraordinary choice of genre: A shamanism simulator! Everything felt so connected with each other. While I felt powerful when I let the wonderfully patterned trees grow with my humming, I also felt weak because of the dying sun. That was a really special experience in my eyes, which is why I wrote an article about it and also uploaded a gameplay video. <3 Thank you for this!

Best wishes,

Sebastian, thank you for this review! We are very glad that you enjoyed our game :)


You are very welcome. <3 I'm happy if I made something joyful for you with this article. :)